Beaver Planner

Achieve your goals in 90 days one simple step at a time.

Declutter. Plan. Achieve.

Why the Beaver Planner?

Introducing the personal assistant you've been waiting for


The Beaver Planner helps you to declutter your mind and enables you to laser focus on what really matters.


Did you know successful people plan their lives 90 days at a time? The Beaver Planner puts you on the right track to success.


Weekly productivity tips from top achievers such as Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Sara Blakely and many others.


Simple is More. We are obsessed with design and function so we primary focus on removing anything that clutters your mind.


Because this planner is not for everyone but people serious about making 2018 their best year ever. We only offer limited edition.


Because we love to do well and good and because ending poverty starts with education, for every planner sold we'll give back $1.

We are LIVE on Kickstarter!

Start fresh in 2018 and achieve your goals in only 90 days!

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The Beaver Planner was created to bring out the best version of yourselves and help you make the most out of every single day.

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The Beaver Planner is a company based in both New York and Paris and we serve customers from all over the world.

Why 90 days?

because it's powerful and it works!

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Short enough to stay focused

Setting 90-day goals helps you prioritize what really matters and helps to avoid spreading yourself too thinly.

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Enough time to accomplish key goals

Great for mid-range goal: one that involved looking just far enough into the future to challenge yourself, but be achievable.

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No time to procrastinate

90 days is the perfect amount of time to keep your brain focused and motivated on specific goals.

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Remain motivatived

90 days is the range where ambition and planning actually fall reasonably close together.


we first launched the e-version of the planner late 2016

I didn't like it

"Early this year (2017) my partner offered me the e-version of the Beaver Planner and I didn't like it. I loved it! What I have accomplished in 90 days surpassed what I usually do in an entire year (...)."

~ Adrien C. from London

Love the design

"You just gained a fan. Nowadays it's very challenging to find a planner not packed with unecessary information. Your planner focusses on priorities and action plan. You should seriously consider producing a paper version of this gem."

~ Zoe K. from New York

I learnt to be focused

"I used to be a very disorganized person and I have to admit that having PRACTICAL tips from top achievers boosted my productivity. I learnt to be focused and to have a disciplined mind."

~ Harry E. from Brisbane


For weekly updates and tips on productivity and goal setting